Game 3d and flash with design or app

Game 3d and flash with design or app


Job Description

The game is for medical purpose it is running in a human eye, it must be 3d walking in a human vein and retina and tissues
-player will first stage will reduce the making of a liquid than go to the nerves to enlarge them by spreading co2
- the player will play with joy stick that he will connect to his computer
- Game should be played offline on any computer mac or pc
- Player has a timer
- Score board
- Every 30 sec of a game a question will pop he needs to respond right in order to continue for 7 times
- He has 3 chances
- Winner or looser page
-Play again
-submit my score
- multiple player
- excel sheet how many players respond to how many questions

design, development and support with enhancement

Design for the game to be creative and modern

(while applying write "SSS" in your cover letter.)

Time to present is 10 days
raw files to be send it
changes of questions 3 times a year

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