SEO manager / full time $400 to $600 a month / American company / READ AD

SEO manager / full time $400 to $600 a month / American company / READ AD


Job Description

Change you life and get a SECURED full time job with an American company with large advertising budget.
Sorry, we don't interview people that are related to agencies
We pay $400 + bonuses for starters and within a year increase it up to $800 a month. We work 50 hours a week.
Answer these questions professionally and honestly. We ask to verify every claim of your. Don't send us a long story as you can do that later in a personal interview. Answer professionally each point:

1. What methods or software are you using on a regular basis?
2. Can you work 5am to 3pm New York time zone?
3. What is your internet speed?
4. Tell us about sites that you promoted using Senuke or other software
5. Can you use Senuke carefully and follow Google's guidelines?
6. Do you know how to demote a site? Tell us how
7. Do you have headphone/mic and can you share screen (not video) while working throughout the day?
8. Are you working with an agency?


We make a quick decision within 8 hours of you submitting your answers.

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