Expert in programatically printing Adobe PDF docs

Expert in programatically printing Adobe PDF docs


Job Description

I have a web application that needs to print PDF documents. Here is the situation:

1) there is jquery code in the application that has a URL to a PDF . Like this:

var pdfUrl = ""

2) I need client side code (jquery.JS or acro.JS, or iText.js or CLPrint.JS or any other one that you could suggest) that will take the PDF from that URL and send it to the printer without previewing the PDF on the computer..just directly send it to the default printer

3) when sending the PDF to the default printer, we need to be able to tell the printer that we are printing it in continuous paper in a dot matrix printer so that it does not do the line break and keeps printing

For an expert, this should not be hard and could be finish i think in a couple of days.

Let me know if you have questions and if you have done things like that before

I need this urgent..for next friday...Let me know


Helkyn Coello