Single Page Web Design for many Different Sites

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

I need to establish a long term relationship with a talented and creative artist.
You should be a self-described, or otherwise described weirdo. Your imagination
and ambition knows no limits. Do you want to get a law changed? Educate a
nation? Save lives? Save the world? Using your art?

Let's do it!

Starting with a Plumbing Website! Boring, I know. But, we have to pay the bills if
we're going to save the world.

I have over 80 domain names I need 1 page concepts designed for. You can
spend as much time as you want. But, I expect you to come up with creative
ideas, gimmicks, marketing strategies, color schemes, icons, stock art, etc...

Here, I'll give you an example right now: Think of a site.. ok, there's a candle
on my desk, so how about a candle site: The left side is a burning candle
dripping wax into a pool at the bottom of the page. There are 3 sections:
products, custom, contact/order. If the user clicks the flame, the entire color
scheme darkens, the flame goes out, and the 3 section titles are highlighted
by individual candle light, and their text/desc changes/shortens. Thus, inviting the user
to click and enter the site by choosing one of the 3 options.

I can give you ideas like this, or you can come up with your own.

Can you implement them?

Sites submitted as a single layered image, or as a finished site: one HTML file,
one .css template, and any images in psd/xcf.

Edit: Really this task is quite simple. It is as easy as downloading a premade site template and typing in the website name in bold font. Or, as detailed, and lucrative as spending 10 hours creating color-matching logos and animated marketing concepts. Up to you. I'll give you a domain name, and some general suggestions, and you take it from there, using your own design imagination. You can put a blank image where you think there should be an image, and paste Lorem Ipsum where you think there should be content. I am just looking for something people can see, with some info and a contact email, rather than no website at all.


Skills: design, marketing, typing