Web Development Department Manager


Job Description

Position Overview
The Web Development Department Manager assists the company in exceeding its revenue and profit objectives by overseeing, monitoring and ensuring that modifications and developments to all clients' websites are made in line with Search Engine Marketing (SEO & PPC) principles, in an accurate and timely manner to assist those websites in ranking higher in the Search Engines and performing better in their PPC campaigns.

Key Responsibilities
Strategic Work
 Contribute, evolve and/or build Web Development Systems for implementation to increase the rankings of our client's websites for SEO, and for optimisation of PPC campaigns
 Conduct quality assurance audits of Web Developers work and communications to other departments.
 Train new staff in the Web Development Department, and also in the Account Management and other departments on Technical Matters about Web Design and Development as it relates to SEO or PPC.
 Evolve the training to ensure our Web Developers are using the latest procedures and providing the most relevant and up-to-date advice.
 Provide regular, on-going training to the Web Development Team.
 Monitor the work of the Web Developers specialists to ensure that all clients are being attended to.
 Develop, and maintain an up-dated manual for the Web Developers, and Web Development Manager position that includes all of our latest procedures and policies, at the level of quality we require to overdeliver on our promise to clients on our services to them.
 Hire new staff and grow the department so that we have sufficient capacity to consistently deliver to our clients what we promise.

Tactical Work
 Manage and develop the Web Developers on their day to day work through coaching, appraisals and feedback.
 Provide input and assistance to other departments regarding the work of the Web Developers where necessary.
 Help resolve difficult/unique client requests in relation to web development.
 Provide reports to Product Manager regarding audits of the Web Development department.
 Ensure all versions of different installs of various CMS's on our servers have up to date plugins/modules and have the latest versions.
 Reprimand Web Developers when there is a breach of company standards or policy and arrange for necessary training and feedback to avoid repeat occurrences.
 Ensure all Web Development tasks are completed on time and on scheduled as per our quality guidelines.
 Create and update in depth educational material for clients, and internal staff to position the company as necessary.

Other Duties
 Achieve relevant objectives/KPI's as outlined by direct manager.
 To work within and promote all company policies, procedures and corporate values.
 To be aware of company policies, practices and procedures and actively participate in the ongoing development and enhancement of these important areas of our business.
 Undertaking project work or reasonable duties as requested by the direct manager.
 Liaise with external parties to ensure clients' web design projects are being handled.

Standards Required
 Ensure that all standard SEO on-page changes to Title Tags, Meta Descriptions and content changes are completed within 2 days for all clients.
 Ensure that security breaches of our websites or client websites are cleaned and resolved as soon as possible, with action taken immediately.
 Ensure all audits will be done on time and as per schedule set out with the Product Manager.
 Ensure new hires will be trained sufficiently to ensure they can handle routine technical tasks from their first client

Required Skills
 Professional verbal and written communication skills
 Administration skills
 Leadership
 Customer/client focused
 Time management
 Initiative and takes ownership
 Problem solving
 Team player
 Business Acumen

Required Work Experience/Knowledge
 Minimum 2 year experience Web Development
 Comfortable using the most popular off the shelf CMS platforms including Wordpress, Joomla, Mambo and Drupal.
 Knowledge of JavaScript, CSS, PHP and dynamic HTML; experience with Macromedia Flash.
 Understanding of Mod Rewrite and HTAccess functions
 Superior knowledge of current web-design trends and techniques, a strong online portfolio displaying user-centred design, and experience with web database solutions definite