Experienced iPhone Developer

Experienced iPhone Developer


Job Description

Tastemade is an early stage startup with the goal of becoming the definitive food network for the next wave of television disruption. We have not announced the company or what we are up to, but check out our Facebook page (facebook.com/tastemade) and our YouTube channel (youtube.com/tastemade) to get an idea of how we plan to connect with consumers and which platforms we think are important.

We are hiring experienced, interesting developers to work on some not exactly run of the mill iOS apps. Hint, experience working with video is a plus. We are building some exciting apps for the iPhone, iPad, and other platforms like Roku, AppleTV. Salary and equity will be commensurate with experience. Mostly we want folks who are smart, hardworking, short on ego, have a passion for food, and love building things.

We have an existing app that we are working on, and we need more help.

Required Skills:

* Experience shipping applications for iOS.
* Strong experience with UIKit, including basic animations
* Experience with GC, threading, and Instruments
* Git (via GitHub)
* Experience with Storyboards, ARC, iOS 6.0

Even better if you have...

* Experience with video capture or playback
* Experience with AVFoundation for camera capture
* Experience with AVMutableComposition
* Experience with Parse.com SDK
* Experience with CALayers and more complex animation
* Experience with GPUImage
* Graphic design skills

Skills: iphone-development, multithreading, iphone-sdk, design