DAILY WRITING ($20/day minimum per writer) RELIABLE PAYMENT

DAILY WRITING ($20/day minimum per writer) RELIABLE PAYMENT


Job Description

I have a lot of clients who need content for the 1st quarter of 2013. I need help in fulfilling ARTICLE ORDERS.

Article topics are on easy genre and you will be provided with sources so that your job becomes easier and faster.

I will also aim to help you so that you can be a better writer (if you are not yet that experienced :D )

Here's what I need:

- A writer who can produce at least 1 article per hour
-- I know some may find this impossible, but I myself am a writer, so I know that IT IS POSSIBLE to create a high-quality content in just 1 hour.

- A fellow writer who has experience in content creation, article writing, blog posting

- A writer who is deadline conscious, productivity-oriented and a good team player

- A writer who has an open medium of communication

- A writer who is looking for a long term job

- A writer who is never afraid of constructive criticism


I would like to form this team right away. Here's the compensation structure

300 words - $1
500 words - $2
700 words - $3
1000 words- $5

Submission of articles assigned to you is within a specified deadline, i.e., 2 hours after assignment of 500 words.

I will prioritize FILIPINO WRITERS.

Please include the words 'make money daily' in your application or cover letter so that I will know you read through everything.

I look forward to working with you very soon!

Skills: rewriting