MOTOTRBO Software Engineer

MOTOTRBO Software Engineer


Job Description

We have increased the budget for this project!

We need a prototype application that will brighten first step to the development of MOTOTRBO application. You will be requested to implement simple GUI to simulate the following items.

1. Display values of latitude & longitude, on a dialog box, that you will receive from a MOTOTRBO device.

2. Point a location on Google Map based on latitude & longitude.

3. A simple text message communication between a computer and a wireless Motorola device. There should be a way, where you can confirm a message received or sent.

4. Distance to pin : You need to calculate a distance from current position to a pin in green. For example there will be a group of people playing the golf, where a caddy carries a GPS device broadcasting the current position. And each location of pin is known. You might be able to calculate the distance.

5. Distance between teams : This is similar to #4, but you have to calculate a distance between caddies carrying a MOTOTRBO device. The position keeps changing as the caddy moves. Whenever the system collects latitude & longitude from two caddies, the new distance between two teams is calculated. You have to simulate this situation.

6. We have a walkie-talkie device called TG-400 that has a protocol, which isn't compatible to MOTOTRBO protocol. You have to implement a transformation module, which will be able to get data from the TG-400 protocol, which will be consequently transplanted into MOTOTRBO protocol. The TG-400 protocol dictionary will be provided.

7. This is a question rather than a module to implement. Please advise us if you have an experience this. There is a notebook that is connected to the internet. When a MOTOTRBO device is inserted to the notebook via a USB, either connection is malfunctioned. Do you know what causes this and how to resolve it?

Development Requirements:

Experience of MOTOTRBO
Development in VC++ 2008
Experience of GPS
Experience of Google Map API

You need to deliver a runnable project in VC++ 2008.

Skills: gps, wireless, broadcasting

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