Conversion Optimisation


Job Description

I’m searching for an experienced conversion optimiser who can help me with increasing the conversion rate for the main service on my web site.

We offer training services and would like to increase the rate of online bookings and enquiries we receive. Initially we need to optimise one landing page, the booking form and an enquiries form, but may also expand in the future to optimise the home page, two other landing pages, an ebook sales page and booking forms. The winning contractor would need to be able to implement changes to copy, sales funnel, structure, design and run tests to find the winning combination.

Please include specific details about what you would do to increase the conversion rate, what you would be able to implement and what you would only be able to provide advice on. Please provide a quote for optimising one page, the booking process and the enquiry page.

Also include your past experience in this area, any examples of your work and the results achieved.