SSO (single sign on) using SAML 2.0 from a Wordpress site to iPipeline's iGO site

SSO (single sign on) using SAML 2.0 from a Wordpress site to iPipeline's iGO site


Job Description

Goal: to enable single sign on for users who have logged on a wordpress website (Identity provide - IDP) to click a hyperlink and seamless log on to another website (service provider - SP) without entering the login/password for the second SP site .

Currently, there a wordpress website that allows users to log on. Within the secure section, the user can click a hyperlink that takes the user to a different website that also requires its own separate login. The goal is the not have the user enter the second login info and enable single sign-on using the first website's authentication.

Single sign-on (SSO) allows the users to get authenticated once by the Wordpress website (IDP) and navigate over to another secured website (service provider SP) seamlessly. The user does not need to provide any additional information for the second site so there isn’t another username, password, token, etc. that the user has to remember. For more info, visit,

What will be provided
• SAML Reference Sheet – a listing of web references with more information on SAML as well as a list of vendors that offer tools that can be used in a SAML implementation.
• iPipeline SAML Setup Sheet – configuration values to implement SAML
• Sample BPP Assertion – a sample XML document of what a Browser Post Profile assertion would look like.
• FTP and WP-login information - for the IDP websites to upload the SAML code

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