Compile list of top residential property managers and their properties


Job Description

1. Make a list of residential apartment buildings greater than 15 units without luxury / concierge services in Boston, Massachusetts USA (using,, and other online resources).

2. For each of these buildings, please determine the owner and / or property management company (e.g., a company that owns and manages multiple apartment buildings), in addition to number of units, building address, average rent and contact information.

3. For each of the property management companies, please determine if they own and / or manage additional buildings in Boston, Massachusetts. If they do, please add these buildings to the initial list.

4. Fill in an excel database with this information. Database must have at least 50 residential buildings with at least 5-10 property management firms.

== Requirements ==
* Must be English proficient
* Must have Microsoft Excel
* Initial work for 2 hours with potential for additional hours
* May need to call building management offices
* Prefer experience with real estate or property management

Prospective contractors would be given additional detail. Attached is the Excel template.

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