Extend Social Media Site

Extend Social Media Site


Job Description

Extend and enhance a social media website to include several new major features:

The design and integration of new elements that should fit in seamlessly with the existing aesthetics of the site.

The site is developed in html 5 so we want the same standard to follow.
Also, all the script/stylesheet changes should be done in their respective .js and .css files only. The current design is built in classic MVC, we expect the developer to follow current standard of work. For any enquiry please contact at anytime.

Communication is extremely important and should be done via skype.

The items required are:

1 Create a Blog section where guest user can be given access. Any blog entries can be then sent to the user base via e-mail, twitter, facebook.

2 Create an advanced search functionality and save as template option. This must be linked to google maps for geographical searches
3 Create a few new sections where people can, meet chat about any subject (split into subjects) and add comments
5 Create a google analytics real time global\local (auto shrink) to show who is on the site and where with hover and reveal to show details of the user. Click to view full profile.
7 Integrate peoples facebook pages
8 Integrate peoples Twitter feeds ..
9 Create an area where we can easily add videos
10 Extend a section where people can follow or add tags and add comments
11Create a My Area" page
12 Profile page additions Several items also integrated with the new items on the index page
13 Update several other pages with some features common to the theme of the site.