Dynamite VA Needed - Tech Saavy, Extremely Fluent in Native English

Dynamite VA Needed - Tech Saavy, Extremely Fluent in Native English


Job Description

We are looking for a highly talented, highly astute, dynamite, can do attitude to the 10th power....able to handle and manage a super large load.....loves a challenge and can focus when it's time to deliver.....can work through feeling overwhelmed........someone who is very very very very very very very very sharp.

Someone that is tech saavy and knows how to figure their way through most problems and knows how to be resourceful when they must find answers.

Someone makes a way out of no way...who always gets the job done.

I'll say that again...someone who "always gets the job done".

In business, we are judged on what we get "done"....not what we are "working on" what we "complete". Not looking for a wizard, but pretty close to it.

Superior organization is probably a minor requirement because it requires a lot of project management and a lot of inference. A whole lot of inference and "knowing what to do" with little to no direction.

Part project manager, part graphic designer, part grammar corrector, part spell checker, part problem solver, part data entry, part social media manager, a knowledge of Hootsuite, or the ability to learn it is a huge plus.

Part HTML programmer but not required.

I'm basically looking for the perfect person for this position.
Someone hungry. Someone that thrives on a challenge and can get
beat up and keep on ticking, in the realm of business.

Someone not afraid to ask questions, but also someone who doesn't always need to get led by the hand if there happens to be no one around at the time to help them.

Someone who can work without much management or micro-management once the assignment has been given.

Someone that pays really really really really really close attention to detail.

This position is also about reading client requests and being able to interpret those and draft instructions for the developers.

Please apply to this job and provide details about anything that would give you credibility, whether it's a story or a portfolio, or a one liner, or whatever you have in mind.....just convey to me that you are the right person for the job, you are on point and that you are sharp and you are ready to work for a fun web development company that has fun clients and projects, but a web development company that expects a lot out of it's team and is totally commited to making their clients happy and to exceed their expectations and also deliver to them a website or application that is error free, bug free, and in tip top shape upon launch / publishing....

Good Luck!!!!!

Ps - Knowing how to use TeamworkPM or being able to learn how to use it is also a huge plus.

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