Legal assistant secretary/Medical Fraud Record Analyst

Legal assistant secretary/Medical Fraud Record Analyst


Job Description

Analysis of Medical and psychology records for intentional fraud, motive, and concurrent motive patterns of several years of different authors to the record. Reference material will be provided to study on such behaviours from a fundamental organization. Experience in critical sciences is an asset but not necessary.

Duties include

1. Analysis with training on how to examine and identify very simple intentional entries or abuse of a vulnerable person [There will be training on drug effects and their history...The prescribed drugs and when they should or should not be used and public insurance fraud]

The candidate will also examine intentional public insurance fraud and issues with the insurer or agency.

2. The analyst will have to write summery corrections to segments of concurrent records w/ extending archived material from the late 80s to present. This really isn't very much as allot of the record fraud or crime is repedative and predictable in some amount of work.

3. The analyst should look for other criminal motives apart from routine misconduct. Experience in drawing from legal documents disability laws [1949 geneva]papers and practice ethics.. w/ literature and case testimoneys provided. This is a case meant to benifit the human purpose in demonstrating the necessity of discipline in the social sciences and law.

5.The analyst would also make complaints against legal persons and police associated with only the human explanation.

6.Legal Filing, writing and transcribing [Transcribing is essential for recorded evidence held by ipasc]

Skills: are