Contract Programmer (C/C++ (windows), OpenGL, must know linear algebra


Job Description

We are looking for a contract programmer to write code to a very specific outline. We know exactly what we require and will provide very specific instruction.

We don't care where you work, when you work, where you're a citizen, etc.

We do care about the following:
Excellent knowledge of C, C++ (must compile in latest visual studio, write in whatever you want) and OpenGL in a windows environment
Excellent knowledge of windows DLLs
Knowledge of programming mathematical methods, trigonometry and linear algebra in C and C++.
Matlab knowledge and access might help you develop, but may not be necessary.
Ability to write all new code, no open source used unless 100% in line with its license. Our source must be closed, so any use of open source must not require us to open ours.
Self driven and able to work quickly once given instructions
No criminal background

Successful candidate will be given an outline of a program to write that involves parsing a list of trajectories into a list of cartesian (XYZ, ABC) coordinate movements, while taking into account the physical behavior of a semi-rigid system

The BASIC crux of the project: You're given two geometric entities as described by their endpoints in 3-point space. It's a line that leads into an arc, and the line is not tangent to the arc. Compute a fillet of variable size F between the two entities, and compute a list of points of variable size n, as coordinates, to traverse the geometry in a linear step fashion. Now do it for a chain of N entities, while respecting limits on velocity, acceleration, jerk, and allowing a variable amount of error to creep in to minimize the jerk.

There's more to it, but if that paragraph made complete sense, you should email us.

Payment: After seeing the specific outline, successful candidate(s) will quote their fees and timeframe for the project. Candidate to use their own compiler, computer, etc. this is contract work, and you will work remotely.

Hiring timeframe is now. Project completion timeframe is 2-3 months.

Subsequent projects will involve similar work involving 3-d geometry in OpenGL as the output.

Email resume and coverletter to us.
Please include mention of previous similar work. If you've never done things like this before, "you're going to have a bad time".

Recruiters: Don't bother. We'll just taunt you.