Funny Website!


Job Description

I am looking for someone to create a website that is all about funny and random images for people to pass time on. The images cant repeat to often.
i already have the site name and hosting service and a wordpress, but i do not want it like this. No WORDPRESS!
The first page (homepage) should be where the funny picture is posted. (just one) and there are buttons for random and back. Each photo should be random.
1. User signup & account creation
a.Should have captcha & other standard features
2. Storage of a portfolio of images, including the ability to select for social viewing
3. Ability to sort on different dimensions, such as event or favorites
4. Ability for users to vote on photos based on Facebook ‘Likes’
5. Admin will need to be able to change entire background for any page
6. Ability to remove pictures from galleries that are offensive
7.i should be able to approve the pictures before they go into the gallery.
8.uploader for public guests and users.
9. As soon as the image is accepted it will automatically have a watermark on it.

Skills: captcha