Photo Editor/Retoucher

Photo Editor/Retoucher


Job Description

Slava Blazer Photography is looking for a photo editor/retoucher. This needs to be a person with a good taste and basic/intermediate retouching abilities. You will be given all the photos from each photo shoot and will need to first label them in Adobe Lightroom by colors- yellow, red and blue. Yellow (7) means that the image is good, red (6)- that the image is unacceptable and blue (9) that the image is not great, but can be reviewed later. You will also do Basic Retouching on the yellow images- the ones that are approved. The following adjustments might need to be made: brightness/contrast adjustment, color correction, cropping, sharpening, etc. (very basic editing).

The goal of this job is to select the best images for the client, but at the same time make sure that there are enough images to make the client happy. I will of course provide you with the goal (number of images) that the client might expect.

For example, if you encounter an image that is blurry- that means it is unusable and you mark it with a 6 (red). If you see an image that has a good composition and is sharp- you mark it will a 7 (yellow). Then you will send all the images in 3 folders (yellow, red, blue) to me via Dropbox.

You need to be trainable since I will need to explain my vision to you and how I select images. If you are good at this, you will receive photos from several photo shoots per week.