UK ONLY!!! Business development / Sales

UK ONLY!!! Business development / Sales


Job Description

Award winning British Company

Decide your income by how and when you work, growing your client portfolio as you choose.

Marketing, Business Development, Sales and Communication– Income You Control

Offer essential services to Small & Medium sized Enterprises and Residential Markets.

Attracts people who are motivated to achieve multiple income streams.

Specific industry knowledge is irrelevant, your enthusiasm and desire to succeed is. We offer you a proven leadership team, training, support, guidance and mentorship.

 Promote and recommend the essential services in a professional manner
 Establish new small business and residential customers through referrals
 Understand the services, products and pricing

 Hosted, managed website personalised to you
 Provision of marketing material, mentoring/coaching and personal development
 Residual income, on-going, paid monthly
 Bonuses paid monthly for team development, plus special achievement payments, share options, holidays and car incentive scheme

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