Electronic Product Engineer for Laser Device

Electronic Product Engineer for Laser Device


Job Description

I am currently looking for an electronics product engineer that specializes in laser technology, specifically using lasers for measurement.

I have a product idea that will be very useful to a particular industry. I am willing to go into a joint venture with the engineer, or pay hourly for the exclusive rights to the product.

My product concept is similar to a standard laser tape measure. See the link for an example product:


This is an example of a similar product, but serves a slightly different purpose.

There is no device like I am suggesting out there currently in the market. The prospective clients currently use much more burdensome methods to gather data, and I think this device will be a huge boon to the industry.

If you are interested in a joint venture or other opportunity with a new product that is useful, please contact me.

The final results I am looking for are:
- Demo product
- Testing of the product to verify the integrity of the measurements
- All technical documentation, schematics, program code, and any other proprietary resources related to the project

Please only reach out if you are currently not involved in other time-consuming projects and are willing to actively work on this project to completion.

The engineer will sign an NDA to get the full technical details of what is required.


Skills: engineering