I Need prototype of toy -plastic and led's


Job Description

i have created a toy that has to be made of plastic .
It should have electrical led's and the toy-game is called holosphere.
I have pics and drawings of it i could email the winning bid, for some you
may need autocad or sketch pro to open. I am not looking for another cad design
i am looking for a hardcopy prototype or two.
The aim of the game or toy is to touch a panel on the globe before a light goes away,once touched the whole globe lights that colour, until rainbow effect happens,after all the colours have been done on the globe.
The globe could be made out of 2 half parts-the less plastic parts,the cheaper
and RGB LED'S needed for different colours in the panels on the game.
3ma-lights one piece in theory.RGB LED is 3LED's or more in one housing.
so 3x1ma= a current of 3ma per piece.If multiplied then you get the correct
current needed by the amount of pieces.Think of a way to lower amount of
led pieces.A non disclosure agreement may be sent after picked, i would need a
direct email address to send info to. Seeking someone who is not only expert on electronics but who has made prototypes or toys before

Bid is around $200-300 in all for the whole thing.Will look at bids around it or even cheaper.

Skills: prototyping