NYC/NJ Physics Teachers: Need help with pilot study on physics visualizations ASAP, Easy Money just sign a form!


Job Description


I am applying for a grant to get money to produce physics visualizations for high schoolers. However, as part of the grant I need a physics teacher to *tentatively* agree to allow me to run a short pilot study for a few weeks on electricity and magnetism visualizations when they teach that unit, by using the visuals in their class, and giving the kids short quizzes on the material.

Accordingly I need a physics teacher to sign a form stating that they agree to help me with the study and use their students if I am awarded the grant. I would compensate the teacher, to be negotiated.

*Also, importantly, you're NOT OBLIGATED to help me run the study if you sign the form, the form really just states you are open to helping me, but if after I get the grant, you decide you no longer wish to participate that's fine, you can cancel the agreement at any time.

For helping me out with this, especially given the short notice, I will give you 150$. You just have to sign the form and sign off on a short letter stating you will help me with the study if I get the grant.

When placed your bid I need the following information:
1. Your full name/high school website
2. The name of the high school your work at and its web address (I will look you up, to make sure you are legitimately a physics teacher there)

*MUST LIVE IN/NEAR NYC, or NJ near NYC, possibly CT, no where else is eligible


Skills: physics, science, teaching

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