Job Description

Hello, I am looking for somone who has great experience with Joomla, is honest and reliable with an open mind and able to follow instructions as well as able to make suggestions.
I had someone create a website for me a few months ago and had to put it on hold before going live and before actually comencing my business.
The work that I need to be done is:
1. My previous IT guy has put all the information on a folder and now this information needs to be put together again to the last stage the website was before bein put on hold. I have been informed that all the information needed is there and that it shouldn't be too difficult to do so.
2. Need email addresses to be linked to the website as well as an auto reply email address.
3. I need to have full controll to the website and need to have all accounts set up in my name. (at the end of the day, I would like to be as self sufficient as possible)
4. Need to have a reliable host for my website (I heard crazy domains is a good one)
5. May need some help in making changes or adjustments to my website until I have learned enough to do it by myself.
6. May need to add some photos and slides to make site more interesting and attractive. Therefore, I need someon who has a good eye for it.

If this sounds like down your alley, please contact me on my email address.

I am looking forward to hearing from you,
Petra W

Skills: design, troubleshooting

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