Network Security Admin


Job Description


Responsible for Linux security between domains, Internet and Intranet sites.
Assemble and configure network components and associated services using a stepped procedure and an approved Change Management Record (CMR).
Provide development and assistance to the technical staff.
Troubleshoot servers and systems affecting operations and support functions.
Interact with vendors, other departments and partner to resolve data communication problems. Interact with the client to provide extensive assistance to resolve problems.
Research various technologies used in the area of malicious content, vulnerability assessment, exploitation tactics and penetration testing.
Analyze event logs/system logs from Linux Operating Systems, Unix/Linux Operating Systems, Cisco PIX/Switches/ Routers, Wireshark/Ethereal network captures and define log correlation rules to identify malicious activities.
Design policies that intercept threats and other network attacks.
Create technical reports that includes details of the threats, identification parameters, advanced capabilities, and mitigation strategies.
Monitor server and network performance and be proactive in resolving possible problems.
Responsibility for maintaining an active anti-virus environment and directing re-occurring updates to the virus data files.
Develop and validate stepped installation, maintenance and recovery procedures.
Maintain and document physical inventory of the network equipment.

Skills: linux, intranet, management, research, unix, switches, routers, design