3D Maya Texturing, Lighting and Rendering for Virtual Studio


Job Description


Great that we caught your interest!
We are a young team of people who supports filmmakers along their way.

We are looking for someone that can help us texturing, lighting and rendering a virtual set that we have designed. If you like like, you can also make changes and adjustments or redesign.

Our team consists mainly of unpaid volunteers and we have a limited budget for this position, so in exchange we will give you access to our upcoming membership where you can learn more about Hollywood and meet likeminded people. Hope that sounds fair for you.

If you look for a lot of money then this is probably not the right thing for you and you can make alot more somewhere else but if you are interested in film and want to learn with our team, then you are welcome to join us. Price is fix.

We also welcome first timers on Odesk as long as they bring in an excellent working ethic.

Thanks for your time,
Robert, Grace and the rest of the team.

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