Product data sourcing, formatting and upload for web site

Product data sourcing, formatting and upload for web site


Job Description

Project details:
This project will involve sourcing, mapping and formatting product data and images to be imported to our website.
Product data may come from a variety of sources such as manufacturers data files provided by us, ftp or web portals, or from Amazon or other sites. Product data will include product images, names, descriptions, attributes, categories, costs, prices, inventory, shipping information and other fields. All data fields in our import file need to be completed even when the provided manufacturer data does not include all the required fields. All data including descriptions, attributes and images need to be formatted to match our web site requirements.
Product data will need to be compared to existing products on the site. Data files may need to be matched by SKU number and UPC fields. Existing products will be updated where appropriate, discontinued products will be indicated for removal and new products will be added.
Keep records of data sources and field mappings for future reference.
This initial project will include 1,000 to 3,000 products. Future projects may be available for up to 50,000 products or more.

Fluent in American English including good spelling and grammar
Expert experience with MS Excel, Access or other software to manipulate large data sets
Experience working with product data
Must be able to complete the job quickly and without errors

To be considered for this project, please answer the following questions. Generic form letters will not be reviewed.
1. What experience do you have working with web site product data? If available, please provide links to relevant work.
2. How many hours do you estimate that it would take you to update 1000 products?