MT4 EA Required


Job Description

The logic is per the rules below:

Need to create an Expert Adviser to automate the following tasks:
> Set Magic # to distinguish trades of other pairs on the same mt4 platform
> Set Trading time for day (ie, 6am ist - ny close)
> Draw Vertical lines to show Start and End of trading for day
> Set Buy, Sell, SL, TP1, TP2, TP3, TP4 (for both Buy and Sell levels). These levels will be preset.
> Draw Horizontal lines of multiple colors to show all the levels
> Open 4 multiple lots whenever price breaches Buy / Sell level (multiple times a day) 4 multiple lots here mean for example 0.01 x 4 = 0.04 lots (4 lots of 0.01 size)
> Close 1 lot on every TP hit till TP3
> Move SL to breakeven Or previous TP level, if price moves in our favor
> Close all positions if candle closes above / below 200sma Or if price hits SL (whichever comes first)
> Close last lot if TP4 is hit from above or till NY close (whichever comes first)
> Close all positions if ADR high / low is hit, regardless of 'last lot' strategy. I will provide the custom ADR indicator for this.
> Send sound and email alert when price hits any of the above levels

A DLL file will have all the functions and classes of the above logic and it will be called from MQL4 code. Therefore, this cannot be reverse engineered or modified. Encrypt the dll if possible. So, no one will be able to use 1 license on multiple mt4 platform and multiple accounts and multiple computers!

The dll will fetch daily signal values for all 6 pairs, from my blog at and process the data per the logic above

Signals are sent out on the blog every trading day at around 6 am IST (+5:30 GMT)