Simple Task Manager App

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Job Description

I want to make an app that is more or less a to-do app. The basic Idea is that you make "tasks" that have a name and are able to schedule them to reoccur or just appear on one specific day. When that time comes we use a notification to remind the user of their task. When they open it they have to type over the placeholder or the title of that task to mark it complete.

There is basically three views. The initial table view that you should be able to drag into whatever order you need.

The completion screen where you are able to type over the placeholder text for completion and the task page where you can set the schedule choose a color for the cell and see upcoming or completed versions of that task with a date stamp.

That's it. I've attached the basic storyboard mockups of what I had in mind. I can provide code for sortable table as well as an example of the scheduler that's written in ruby I mainly need help with the scheduling, the notifications and being able to mark the task complete by typing over it in that custom view.

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