HIdeShow Fix

Closed - This job posting has been filled and work has been completed.

Job Description

Using the attached files, there are div ID's "BucketA" and "BucketB". Please add a "BucketC".

Next, if the link in BucketA is clicked, it opens ContentBucketA. Currently, if BucketB and/or BucketC are clicked, all of the "Content" Buckets will show.

We only want 1 Content Bucket open at a time. So, if ContentBucketA is showing and the user clicks on the link inside of "BucketB" or "BucketC, then close ContentBucketA and open the respective Content Bucket (B or C).

This should work for all 3 buckets. Only one content bucket should show at a time. Clicking on the link inside of BucketA, BucketB or BucketC would close any open ContentBuckets.

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