3d max, Maya, Flash Experts-urgent

3d max, Maya, Flash Experts-urgent


Job Description

First off all- after I give you the details about the project, you will have to make a small demo. If you are not geared up for this, just stop here.

You need to be an EXPERT in 3D (2d) and quick.
You need to be an artist, not just an architect.
You need to be creative not stuck in a box.
You need to think ahead and not just about today.

You will show me 3 samples right here of outstanding work on my requirement only..no useless work sample posting plz..

Here is a sample of what I mean outstanding.


If your sample meet our criteria AND you can do what we want, then you will be on your way to new paths.

For the sake of odek.com I will have to tell you a part of the job, which will be to model some buildings and put in Flash

Take a look at http://pleasurehunt2.mymagnum.com which will give you another idea where this is going.

However this is NOT A GAME. and neither is this post!

write "expert" once you want to bid here so that i understand that you know what i want.