Mobile Application Job Board


Job Description

I need an app developed that is MADLY SIMPLE. I can build it myself with experience as web developer, usability consultant, ecommerce expert, etc, but seek a perfectionist for the mobile platform aka iPhone and Android apps. I run a development company but now caught up with small business training. There will be future projects needless to say.

If you do not know what flat long shadow is don't apply. If you don't know mobile payments inside and out, don't apply.

It is a Job Board that should be designed to be simple stupid. This is for a micro-niche, and needs to be Minion friendly.

Here is a mock-up to Job Posting screens:

Job Seekers presented with the option to geolocate nearby Jobs or manually enter a location. Jobs are presented in map and/or list form (name and town of hiring org) accompanied by single click apply button and click for details link. If Job Seekers are not registered to apply, they are presented with sign-in/registration option. Optionally Job Seekers can subscribe to txt/email alerts with new postings weekly.

Notice there are no keyword searches or category searches.

graphic mockup to search results:


1.a - Use Current GPS Position or Enter Zip Code
1.b1 - Search Results (See Google Doc): When APPLY button is pressed, job seekers profile is instantly sent to Job Poster.
1.b2 - If Job Seeker does not have profile they are taken to My Profile screen to setup username/password, location and contact information, picture optional. Once profile is setup they instantly return to search results with the posting marked as checkbox.
1.b3 - If Job Seeker has a profile, when the apply button is pressed it changes to a checkmark instantly, sends Job Poster the Job Seeker profile instantly, without refreshing the page/screen.
1.c1 - More details takes them to a screen with image if uploaded, name, location, optional description of posting and APPLY button with behavior identical to above.

2. POST JOBS - See Google Spreadsheet

3. EDIT PROFILE - If Job Seeker, Name, City/State, Zip, Phone, Email, Photo. If Job Poster, Business Name, Full Address, Phone, Email, Photo.

4. MANAGE ACCOUNT - If Job Seeker, turn on/off sms/email/push notifications. If Job Poster, receipts/details of job postings, turn on/off sms/email/push notifications of job applicants.

Please send your cost estimate and portfolio. I am looking to kick this off within 30 days. Let me know if there are any questions. Thank You!