URGENT: Need a Music Track Sequencing Software

URGENT: Need a Music Track Sequencing Software


Job Description

Music Company need a sequencing sound music software recording and music producing software similar to protools by digidesigns.

Must be able to take a track of digital music and synchronize it with other digital music tracks. tracks are to be categorized by instrument sound and by music rhythm. There should be controls for tempo, meter, volume, eq, sound choice, input and output, record mode, play mode and instrument choice. also there should be categories for music genre such as pop music, classical, caribbean, hip hop, rock and roll and more.

Please create a random mechanism synchronization function that would be based on a algorithm which sequence and match music genre, tempo's and melody form. Each separate track sequenced together would be a different instrument classification: percussion and rhythm with melody instruments and "top line" melody.

I will explain further. This is work for hire. We own finished product.

Skills: protools, software-development, cloud-computing, computer-science, android-development, internet-applications