Need to restrict a Laptop to just One Website

Need to restrict a Laptop to just One Website


Job Description

This is an incredibly simple matter that I assume should be a matter of an hour, maybe less.

Short Version:
We have a laptop that will be used in our business, and will remain in this one single location. We would like to restrict to just one website (not page, but site), Furthermore, we would like the laptop to boot off a bootable CD, something like Puppy Linux. That's pretty much it.

Time Frame: ASAP Ive been working on this for a friend now for three months, so if you can do it in the Next day or two if possible, otherwise we will see - what we see ....

Long Version:
We have a:
Linksys Wireless Router with both Wireless (WL) and Hardwire (HW) connections to which we connect:
(2) Windows Computers 1(WL), 1(HW)
(1) Linux DVR for our CCTV system (HW);
(1) Older Toshiba Protege Laptop (Model M400-S5032) we will probably be connecting via (WL)

We have a reasonable, but once in a while a bit slow, (HW) internet connection via a Cable Internet Service Provider.

Here is what we need to do, and how we would like to do it if possible.

We will be providing the above mentioned laptop to our Security employee for
(a) use ONLY in the building. It will never leave the building,
(b) should never be on any other website other than the one we tell it to, and never have any other than; At that website, they will enter some information and receive the results, to whit they will simply APPROVE or DISAPPROVE of someones entry.

So, to result should be that our Security Personnel will:
1.) Power up the Laptop,

2.) To boot-up the Laptop: (Unless you can think of an easier faster way to do it) We would like to use PUPPY LINUX to boot-up from a "Boot-up CD", this will limit our need to have to purchase anti-virus software, etc ...
From past experience, it seems our Security Guys are always breaking things, so, rather than having them damage more hard drives, etc .. we feel we can simplify matters by just booting from a CD, or a USB, if that is doable on that old of a Model (M400-S5032)

3.) Because the laptop is older we feel once the laptop is booted up, it should operate on the minimal needed system resources, while the software to not allow someone to use the laptop's simplicity in gain access to the laptop, nor network.

User Login can be a one or two person issue. 1 for admin, the 2nd for the Security Person who does not have any need to do anything other than go to the one web page we need them at.

3a.HOWEVER: It does NOT need to be that Strict.
If necessary, the Laptop comes with Windows XP. It is my understanding the Guest Account limits the users access, thus, we could be use WinXp Guest Account, then only having 3 things to figure out:
(I) a way to limit the user to use only the one website,
(II) security issues -
(III) anti-virus, worms, etc .. matters.

If you know of an easy way we can simply take what we already have and slim it down or just enter something into a browser, (preferably firefox), then we are half way there.

The 2nd half would be to take whatever we need from the hard drive to create a bootable image.

I believe Ive said too much already , and may have made it very confusing. If so I apologize,

Kindly forgive my ignorace, (that is why you're going to get paid! <smile> )

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Skills: wireless, internet-browsing, linux