App developer wanted for sports rehab app

App developer wanted for sports rehab app


Job Description

This app is a program that facilitates communication between physiotherapist athlete and coach by creating a method of communicating rehab goals, treatment and a return to sport plan via an app.

The app is able to be personalized to the patient by the physiotherapist on a separate computer. For example, if the athlete has an ankle sprain - only info regarding ankles sprain would be visible to the patient and coach. the therapist an coach can then track progress of the athlete.

it would be separate password entry required for each patient/coach to protect privacy.

I need someone to build this app! (or at least a basic workable template for a project presentation to be held in late November). If this app is realistic and SIMPLE and QUICK to use for both the physio in clinic and the coach on field, then this could become a "real" app.