C# with SAP connector

C# with SAP connector


Job Description

I need some work done on an existing program written in C#.
The program is uses XTRAREPORT, a component of DEVEXPRESS.
Right now we have a local database with articles. presented in a grid.
user can select an article and print a label on a labelprinter.
this all works.

We need to add a SAP connector to be able to get data from SAP, add them to the report and print the report to a printer.

So basically we need to:
- Get orders from sap and store them locally in the ms sql compact database.
- Display the orders in a datagrid
- Select the order from the grid and print the report.

we need to print:
1) barcode holding the ordernumber (the report will handle the barcode, we just need to pass the number)
2) order address details, like address, zipcode, city etc.
3) customer number
4) date of today

i dont have a sap connector, you need to bring it.
if you can think of a way to test the connector (without going to the customer) it would be great