Need help integrating/revising TAPI driver to work with VOIP system and CRM


Job Description

I need someone to help modify my TAPI driver to communicate with our click-to-dial system.....

your tapi driver does not deliver any information by incoming call. By outgoing calls it deliver the CallerID, CalledID message, but without the phone number.

TAPI driver provide should be able to tell you, how to install / configure their tapi driver so that you have all access/monitor rights.

I need someone who can manipulate the following TAPI messages:

Tapi driver messages are:

PH_E_OnCallerID(5)/153/65877/0/0/ABC/ where ABC represent the phone number of the calling party
PH_E_OnCalledID(10)/153/65877/0/65877/XYZ/ where XYZ represent the phone number of the callee
PH_E_OnCallState(11)/X/0/0/65877// where X represents the state of the tapi line ( connected, disconnected, dialing, offering, ...)

The Number 65877 represent the ID of the actual call.
So by testing the TAPI driver you should be able to see all those messages by incoming and outgoing call.