writer for novel/fiction


Job Description

I am looking for an assistant, preferably based in North America but will consider other geographies as long as the person has **excellent** English language skills and close familiarity with the US. The goal is simple: help me build awareness, and therefore book sales, in the US market.

I am looking for a qualified individual to assist me with completing a novel.
If you have a talent with creative writing, science-fiction, fantasy ,romance or just fiction in general, please apply.

We will provide you story plots for each chapter.You will need to expand them to novel form.Each chapter will contain usually 2500 to 3000 words my story about 6-8 chapters

- Excellent English skills
- Able to create strong and indepth characters
- Understand novel layout
- Capture emotions
- Able to tie together multiple flows of storylines

I would like to meet great writer in long term projects I have many stories to hire good writer in the future....

Please contact me....