Game Design Pre-Development

Game Design Pre-Development


Job Description

I need document put together containing a summary, work-flow, timeline estimates and a separate breakdown for porting to different systems (ie. xbox, android, ios, etc.), cost estimates, role breakdown with clearly defined responsibilities.

This document will center around a game I want to have to have designed inspired by a game I played a long time ago. Your job will be to look at the game, explore the mechanics and translate that information into the format referenced above.

If this works out and turns out to be cost effective I may look to keep you on and manage the game development. Managing the development should have nothing to do with this job however and will only been offered if I like the experience you provide in creating the document above.

You MUST have prior game building experience to apply for this as I need the timelines and job duties to be accurate. If you are applying I need samples of previous work where I can clearly see you were involved in the process.

I will provide the game title I'm looking to have inspire this after I've been able to verify you qualifications.