Lead Ruby on Rails developer

Lead Ruby on Rails developer


Job Description

Our company has multiple applications for running a successful fashion marketing advertising business.

Recently the main developer is starting his own company, so we need a new well rounded developer that can help our company grow.
You will need to have knowledge of MySQL 5.x.
Applications are mainly running Ruby on Rails 3.2.x and Sinatra.
Also need to have experience with Devise, Active Admin, Haml, and Sidekiq.
For testing we use Rspec, Capybara and Factory Girl.

Two server Cloud Servers through Rackspace.
Ubuntu 10.10 (maverick)
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

The main functions are already built into the application. We need someone that can help refine features and create small features on top of the main application.

For example we an iframe based shopping widget that shows the newest products from advertisers we work with. I want to add the feature where other readers/blogger can grab the "embed" code for the widget, and repost on their site. Simple concept but just need a developer to make this idea and other ideas happen.
That is one small example, we also have more complex ideas too.

I use Basecamp for listing out all projects with specific expectations of functionality for new features. I make mockups and give lots of information for requested functions.