DealTalk Webpage design


Job Description

We want to create site called
The nature of the site is to provide a free list of deals available from food to shopping to hotels.

The deals information is stored on a database and will be retrieved by the site. The back end and data base of this site is ready, however the website designing still needs to be done.
The design work will include:

A Header with the site logo which we will provide
Navigation Panel
Left sidebar with a webforms navigation panel using javascript
Main content displaying each deal in a row one below the other
Right sidebar to show featured or a rotating popular deals
A simple design of the front page:

Technical Specifications:
Javacript including JQuery and Mootools or similar

The design should be minimalistic and information easily visible
The Theme must be a Web 2.0 theme, with soft and smart colours.
The Logo of the site is:

Similar to sites we have seen are:

We need this job completed in the next two weeks.

Candidates that apply must provide information of their work similar to the job at hand, and provide a sample of what their idea is.

Thank you.

Skills: design