New Transcription team 3

New Transcription team 3


Job Description

Hi There, Please read this carefully.

We are a transcription company based in Germany. We found out that all the Contractor here in Odesk has the best quality. We are looking for some quality transcribers who can give an accurate work to our team.

The work is predominantly business, medical, legal, research and general transcription. We have British, Australian, Canadian, German, Turkish Accent and more. Please state on your Cover Letter in what accent are you most comfortable with.

I am inviting you as I believe you may have what it takes to join our team. We already had hired many for the 2 teams that we created for 2013. And now we will be opening the 3rd team that will start next year. The next step is to take a short 5 minute test file so we can assess your ability to understand those accents.

Once successful with that you will be given a client file for your final assessment. You will be paid above the average rate for completing this. If we are happy with this you will become a regular member of our team and enjoy regular work at a great rate ($20-$30 per audio hour depending on quality). But for next year as our company is growing bigger we decided to increase it to $0.90 audio per minute. That is why now we are looking for a 98% + accuracy.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Many Thanks,

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