30$ for a month ebay customer support like answering quesiton and send a message after shipping

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Job Description

HI, I am looking for a person

●ebay customer support job

everyday, we receive 3-5 questions on ebay.
So we need someone who can answer everyday.

I do not ask your experience.
but if you have worked about ebay or amazon, that's really better.
Or if you worked in customer support, that would be good.

We will hire you, so that you should tell us your experience.

most important is

●You have a time every day.

If you have only 30min or 1 hour a day.
It's impossible.

If you can not log-in EVERYDAY, it's no meaning.

I ask

1. Fluent English Skill
you should have FLUENT or almosrt PERFECT english skill

2. A little Japanese Skill
this is not so important

3. A little knowlege about Cameras
It's better if you know or if you like cameras

PLUS when you work with japanese, we will ask you.

● someone who can contact with us everyday

● Good internet enviroment (not slow, not stop)

● someone who are really sincere
※I do not like the person who does not work sincerely.(we hate impolite or arrogant worker)

● Who can read a manual (english)

● Do not come late to the meeitng

● someone who can understand soon

● Keep the deadline

It is really natural in japan, but usually, it happens.


30$ for a month.
But if you work well, we will increase it.

This is Salary job by month, so it should be good for you!!

Skills: amazon, english, ebay

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