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Product Images


Job Description

I need to create high-quality product images of baby blankets to be shown on a website. I have taken photos of the blankets, but they are not visually nice to present on a website.

So I need someone that can create product images of this blanket. It is only 1 blanket, but we have different colors available.

Here are the product images.

Please tell me what you can do. I am not looking for a cut out with photoshop or anything like that. That will not work. I need someone that can create something visually that looks elegant, royal, etc. They must be photo-realistic and look as close to the real as possible, so the details are important.

Some notes on the fabrics that are used for the blanket.

Here's some info on the material itself if it helps.

satin on the frontside:

on top of the satin there this lace pattern here:

minky rose swirl backside of the blanket:

I will not pay in advance, I would prefer you do a small sample of the blanket (even if just a corner of the front and back) to prove to me that you can do it, because I had people approach me and when I hired them they could not do it.

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