Create service request using Salesforce

Create service request using Salesforce


Job Description

This job request is one of several, representing stages in the development of the final product. For this initial release, the goal is simply to create a service request in SalesForce. In the final release, the system will create, manage, and maintain a meet and assist service requests (known as opportunities in SalesForce).

For this job request, the contractor will first meet with the client to understand the vision of the completed system. Once understood, contractor will design and present a web interface to the client. If it operates as requested, uses the structure of SalesForce, provides a quality foundation for the system, and can be easily extended to future stages, this job will be considered complete.

The developer must be proficient in SalesForce and Visual Workflow since these will be the building blocks for the completed system. The sooner this system becomes functional and replaces the existing system, the better.

In the initial release, a web interface will allow the user to inquire about availability or place an order for service. The interface, being the first impression, must be intuitive and guide the user through the process easily. Once the initial release is complete and accepted, further stages will be discussed and posted as separate jobs. If the contractor performs well and produces a good product, it is highly likely that they will be offered subsequent stages first.

The system will be built upon the structure of SalesForce, using as much of the system and functionality as possible. Eventually, the system will operate on desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms.

Using SF's Accounts, Contacts, Leads, and Opportunities, this system (once complete) will have the following functions:
- clients will request a meet (using the Leads structure)
- owner will convert leads to meets (Opportunities) or ask for more info
- service will be tracked, fulfilled, and then billed to client
- requests, while in progress, can be updated by client or owner

1. Samples of your work, both in SalesForce and web interfaces screenshots.
2. Describe the purpose of the samples and how it is similar to what we are trying to achieve.
3. An estimate of how long you think it may take you to complete this stage. We realize that things change but, if we have a common understanding of the work needed, neither of us should be surprised.
4. Your hourly rate for this job. If the rate is different than previous jobs we see in your work history, please explain your reasoning for the change.
5. An estimate of how much time you can devote to us. We know that you multitask (and so do we) but tell us where we fit on your priority list.

Feel free to ask. I don't mind answering questions if it helps you understand what I want.