merchant account/payment gateway/payment processing website

merchant account/payment gateway/payment processing website


Job Description

i would like a website to be like paypal, can you give me the price what this would coast please. thank you and have a great day.

1. Buy it Now buttons

2. Subscription buttons

3. Downloadable spread sheets of sales

4. Customers be able to receive receipts by email or by text

after successful transaction customer will get receipt on device as text as well can get the receipt in their inserted email in previous screen.

5. A place where people can add tax and tips for their business-> user can insert the tip or other feedback and the tip/ feedback will be visible on somewhere in the app.

6. Refund button (if user needs)
-> Refund means once the transaction completed user can stop transaction and can get their money back correct.

7. Signature Capture (sign with your finger)

8. Ssn, driver’s license and address to verify who they are.

9. Verification screen: 3 questions about them to verify who they are

10. people being able to receive payments by Visa, MasterCard, American express, Discover

11. Send people invoices through email so they can receive a payment by credit card and pay by the invoice.

12. Users be able to send money to each by accounts.

13. people being able to Request Money from there customers by email.

14. people being able to Add to Cart buttons for there website.

15. people being able to add any bank that they want there money to transfer to.

16. i get 2.5% of each transaction they do.

17. and people are not limited of the transactions they do. like they can process as much money as they want and process up to how much ever they want.

18. when people withdraw money to there bank it should only take 1-2 business days.

could you also intregreat something like this in there from this website or similar?

Setup new donations: EPay members can enter the donation amount, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each donation
The system will display the number of donations made for each donation
Ability to edit/delete donation
Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the donation buttons
View current subscriptions the members subscribed to
Sell subscription services: EPay members can enter the subscription name, description, recurring charge, duration, trial period, setup fee, tax, shipping cost, return URL, cancel URL and Notify URL for each subscription
Ability to edit/delete subscriptions
Ability to generate HTML/Encrypted code for the subscription buttons
Shopping Carts
Generate HTML/Encrypted code for shopping cart button. The shopping cart will display the list of products created by the member
Simple Payments
Display the HTML code for EPay payments
Information on IPN integration [More About IPN]
Payments Menu
Deposit funds
Withdraw funds
Send payment to another EPay member
NEW Perform mass payment (now supports CSV file upload for mass pay)
Request payment
Add a new escrow transaction
View current escrow transactions
Affiliate Menu
View affiliate program details and commission rates
View affiliate program downline
View affiliate link and HTML banner codes
EPay Store Front
View shop listings grouped by categories
Ability to search for shop listings by keywords
Admin Functions

Ability to set the system configurations
Edit site options: admin user/pass, email, site title and meta tags
Ability to set date/time format
Admin can configure password length and max number of attempts
Enable/disable turning number as well as setting size of the turning number and background image
Admin has the option to protect all HTML content in the EPay system
Edit currency type (USD, pounds, yens etc..) and set currency precision
Enable/disable Signup bonus
Set transfer fees and charges
Configure payment gateways
Affiliate program settings and referral payouts: Supports unlimited affiliate levels
Email Templates Manager - manage email templates
NEW Language Manager - Add/edit/delete language
HTML templates Manager - includes a built-in WYSIWYG editor
NEW FAQ Module
Admin can create/edit/delete FAQ categories
Ability to manage FAQ entries
Member Manager
Add new members
Search members by username, first/last name and email
Ability to view/edit/suspend/delete/close members
Built-in "Who Is Online" module so that admin can view members that are currently online and the IP address log

Admin has the ability to credit funds into the admin account balance
Ability to send single payments to EPay members
Ability to perform mass payments to more than 1 EPay members
Admin can mass mail all members (All, Active or Suspended)
Store Front Manager
View/Edit/Create categories
View/Edit/Create shop listings
Keyword search for categories/listings