Quantity Surveying/Cost estimating

Quantity Surveying/Cost estimating


Job Description

May I have you price quotation for this Job and includes;

1.Estimated hour to finished this job
2.Cost per hour
3.Methods of payment you want


The following is a list of items I am looking for:

Cubic yards of earthwork excavation for
Concrete placement
Quantities of steel rebar and types
Quantities and type of imbed hardware
Concrete quantities for
Footings building, garage, site walls
Underground slab on grade
Garage slab
Patio areas
Concrete Masonary unit Block
basement foundation walls
Site walls by location
Below grade waterproofing for foundation walls and site walls
Square footage should be broken down per wall location
Wood framing for structure
Lumber will be broken down per grad, size, location, and quantity
***Into the following major categories
First floor deck
First floor walls
Second floor deck
Second floor walls
Exterior patio framing
Exterior trelliswork
Exterior facia
Exterior wood trim
Exterior siding
Exterior doors: provide size and quantity by floor (Verify to plans)
Exterior windows: provide size and quantity by floor (Verify to plans)

The information requested is not the minimum but just a format to be followed generally the accuracy and quality of information
provided will be used as the basis for continuing work.

Quantities to all information may be provided in spreadsheet format for better calculation.