Data Warehouse Dashboard

Closed - This job posting has been filled.

Job Description

SQL expert with experience in working with large data sets to be presented on dashboard (Qlikview).

I am looking to have a dB schema created to take log information from network devices. That information will need to be presented in a Qlikview dashboard representing association of the data.

For example, logs show that many different devices have given the same error at different time. Dashboard should be able to correlate that common error and narrow down which devices in which locations at what time are having that problem. Also, dashboard should show an alarm (change to yellow or red) if a threshold of so many occurnances happens.

Logs will be of a predicitable format for type of device, and will be in a flat file that needs to be added to the dB.

Tasks will be:

1) Use existing schema, but modify or add to faciliate application integration
2) provide sql BI logic to meet criteria as provided in the example
3) Provide UI design to be supported in Qlikview

If successful and timely, additional phases will be added.

Skills: design