Ruby on Rails PDF Report Generator

Ruby on Rails PDF Report Generator


Job Description

Looking for a developer to build a standalone Ruby on Rails web application that can directly connect to multiple mysql databases (one at a time), pass in a custom SQL query and then map the fields of sql query into a PDF template file (user form fields within the PDF) that then generates a new one off pdf file for download.

The app would allow for you to create "profiles". A profile would allow you choose the database to connect to, pass in a custom query, map the fields returned from the sql query to a pdf template file's form objects. And then call that profile by passing in a param id,that param id would be used to then generate the sql query and return a single record to then output the pdf file.

Attaching a old sample .asp file that essentially does this as a one off "profile". Along with a sample PDF file that already has form objects. The PDF must output as a PDF not a FDF.

Must push code to github and deploy to Heroku and be written in Ruby on Rails.

Skills: pdf

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