City Planning and design

City Planning and design


Job Description

Preparation of GIS overlays for land in the local councils of Western Australia. Drafting of basic preliminary land subdivision concept plans based on hand drawn outline.

Using GIS maps provided from Local government web sites, prepare land development plans to show roads, drainage, sewer, water, gas and telecommunications infrastructure as well as other amenities as detailed in hand drawn maps or as described in specifice drafting brief.

Key Skills - Understanding of town planning (not necessarily specific to the local governments but able to find basic information within a town plan for a local government authority); GIS mapping, drafting skills, computer aided graphics design.

An engagement would be considered to be successful if the brief of a plan is followed but suggestions are made where obvious improvements can be made. Work should be completed in time limit specified.

This will be a good assignment for the right contractor as I am strting to expand my property development operations and the Western Australia property market is very active. As the contractor is able to demonstrate their skills and ability in providing basic mapping requests, further planning and design work will be sought.

Please provide details of the type of planning and design work that you have done in the past and what skills you think I will find helpful for this assignmnet.