Job Description

Hello Fellow oDeskers.... This should be an easy task for those that like making calls and selling the good old fashion way.

You basicly will be calling LANDSCAPING companies in the US to offer "landscaping laborers or workers". This is an easy one, because the biggest problem for landscaping businesses in the US, is the lack of people willing to work for them. Its like offering food to a starving person!

Companies need to fill out 4 forms, and if you show me that theyve filled it out (through skype or something), youll get paid.

I have the script that I used, i have the leads, i have the forms they need to fill out.
I have it all my friends.

for every company that fills out the 4 forms that are required. We will pay $100 per compay. Our budget is $1000. So if you get 10 companies to fill out the forms you get the whole $1,000.

We also pay as you go, so if you make a sale you will instantly get paid the $100. hit me up with any questions you might have.