Need Jquery Front End for Interactive Story Web App, Ruby also preferred....

Need Jquery Front End for Interactive Story Web App, Ruby also preferred....


Job Description

We are working on an interactive story (web application, optimized for tablet) web application, similar to the interactive story below but with different image assets and more options when students click buttons to move from scene to scene, and some simple animations:

The game keeps track of decisions they make and adapts the text displayed when characters talk and the scenes that come up accordingly.

The is also an interactive map that appears with a click of a button, that keeps track of every scene the student has gone to. It is basically a series of small screencaptures of each scene the student has visited in a tree like map format that the student can turn off and on with the click of a button.

The front end is very JavaScript/Jquery intensive, Backbone.js is being used right now (that could change). HTML, CSS of course, the basics as well. Its a WEB application optimized for Ipad/other tablet platforms, we're not interested in Ios-Xcode/Android SDK's specifically. We may decide to use PhoneGap to convert the web app to Ios/Android platforms however. The Alpha App has been programmed already, so that code is available, and also the program itself. The comments are in Spanish, by mistake, so we'd have to get a translator before someone read that code. The database is in Rails/postgreSQL.

Illustrations will done by our illustrator and if we have any embedded mini games or activities, we may hire a separate game developer.

We're looking for a great Jquery Front End Programmer who add our additional scenes/features to our current story code on github. If you have full stack experience, that's even better (Ruby/Rails), but not required. If you have experience with making Jquery animations and simple click interactivity, that’s a plus, but not required. You may be working with a separate back end programmer though if you don't have back end experience. Our engine seems to be pretty good, so we hope to add features but keep it the same, and not recode everything. The project manager you will be working with is familiar with programming and all the languages being used and has some game animation experience.

*This contract will be for an extended period, so you should please be available to work for a few months, 20-40 hours/week.

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